We desire to be fully present to God and others. Rather than walking in our own wisdom, we slow down to listen and follow His voice, which is discerned in prayer and confirmed through Scripture and the body of Christ. We then embody His presence as we love our neighbors, being fully present to those God has entrusted to our care.

So with God’s grace and help, we commit to: 

Make space daily to interact with God | Invite God’s transformation through the Scriptures | Engage regularly in corporate worship | Embody God’s loving presence to others.


In a complex world, we find peace in simplicity. We intentionally practice rhythms of margin and rest, accepting our limits and creating space for God’s work in every area of our lives. Instead of striving in life and ministry, we patiently participate in the slow work of God.

So with God’s grace and help, we commit to: 

Embrace silence and solitude | Practice rhythms of rest and margin | Ruthlessly eliminate hurry | Accept my limits as a gift from God.


Jesus desires to thoroughly transform us by healing our inner brokenness and restoring us to wholeness. As we actively surrender the deeper parts of our lives to Him, we can begin to truly love both our neighbors and ourselves. This inner health overflows into flourishing families, friendships, and communities.

So with God’s grace and help, we commit to: 

Surrender my inner brokenness to God’s transformation | Pursue emotional health to love others well | Invest deeply in my God-given relationships | Serve from an overflow of my growing union with Christ.


Together, we are committed to active participation in the body of Christ. Rather than comfortably consuming spiritual goods, we sacrificially practice the way of Jesus. As we surrender our need for comfort, approval, and security, we experience the freedom of radical generosity and service, walking in total dependence on God’s grace.

So with God’s grace and help, we commit to: 

Prioritize the needs of others over my comfort | Serve and give generously to the mission of the Parish | Sacrifice for the poor and marginalized | Take my place in God’s mission of restoration.


We celebrate the mystery of God’s holy Church. In the power of the Holy Spirit, we are united with one another, with the global Church, and with the communion of saints. We are a people among whom those who look or think differently can be united in love and fellowship, centered on the person and grace of Jesus Christ.

So with God’s grace and help, we commit to:

Walk with others in intentional community | Commit to love one another | Bridge cultural, racial, economic and gender barriers for Christ | Embrace the gifts of the global and historical Church.

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