Opening Our Lives to God and One Another

Parish Small Groups are a place to encourage and support one another along the journey. In these groups, we gather weekly to listen for God’s voice in our daily lives and build intentional relationships.

Spring Small Groups

Spring Groups will begin the week of March 10, and run for 4 weeks. This group run will center around the spiritual practice of Lectio Divina.

Lectio is prayer practice that helps us engage Scripture devotionally. Many of us have been taught to read and study the Scriptures for accurate information about God and our lives (and this is helpful and good!) But it is also helpful to engage God’s written words with our heart and soul, not just our rational minds.

This ancient approach to Scripture has historically been called Lectio Divina. As we engage God’s written words this way, we make space not just to read the Bible but for the Bible to “read us”.  As it “descends from the mind into the heart”, God’s written Word seeps deeply into the cracks of our souls.

While groups will run over Spring Break, each group will discuss that week’s meeting together and can reschedule if needed.

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