We want our Parish children and leaders to grow in Christ and practice His way of life. We are so thrilled to be offering children’s programming for infants (3 months) through 8th graders. We’re excited about the transformations we see taking place and about the growing sense that we all, even the least of us, are being empowered by Jesus to be His Church and advance His kingdom.

Our role in family ministry is to contribute to the biblical education and spiritual formation of our congregation’s children. It’s a great honor and a joy-filled privilege to join parents in the sacred responsibility of apprenticing their children to Jesus. We love our Parish kids!

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Parish Children curriculum-based education classes  & nursery care care for babies and walkers are held the first three Sundays of the month.  The 9:00am service offers care and classes for Babies – Pre-K, while the 10:30 service offers classes for babies and students through 8th grade.

Family Worship Day is the fourth Sunday of every month. We encourage our children to become God-worshipers by having them practice with us. Through regular participation in the liturgy they connect with their local congregation, and with the Church past and present, all over the world. It’s usually noisy, sometimes distracting, and always exactly just how corporate worship should be – united and beautiful.


The curriculum for PreK-5th grade students is Life with God for Children by Lacy Finn Borgo. Lessons are simple in content and structure, focusing on the relationship between child, leader, and small group. Our teachers generously commit to regular service by teaching weekly over the course of one or two semesters, with the majority committing to the entire school year. Seriously, we love our Parish kids!

Spiritual education/formation classes continue through middle school. The current study is The New City Catechism, by Dr. Tim Keller, which will continue through the end of 2018.


Babies / Walkers: Lauren Litton / Suzanne McCaskey / Nancy Rimedio / Toryn Tamborello / Sara White

2s/3s: Ben Chase / Grace Chasteen / James Douglas| Focus | Biblical stories and playtime together

4s/5s: Caroline Ashmead / Patrick Ashmead | Focus | Biblical stories and playtime together

K-1st grade: David Bettis / Deonna Bettis / Shannon Ott | Focus | Introduction to Scripture, Bible study skills, Bible stories and people

2nd-3rd grade: Bethany Miller / John Miller| Focus | Bible study skills, Bible stories, intro to spiritual disciplines practice

4th-5th grade: Nathaniel Marshall / Evan Chasteen| Focus | Bible study skills, Bible people faith practices, spiritual disciplines practice

Middle School:  Katie Culp / Jane Forrestal / John Ott|Focus | Part 1: God, Creation & Fall, Law | Part 2: Christ, Redemption, Grace | Part 3: Spirit, Restoration, Growing in Grace

High School:  Greg Sykes / Jess Sykes|Small Group community and discipleship experiences that are scheduled during the week.  Parish High School students join in community worship and do not have classes on Sunday mornings.

They won’t be bored and they may just teach you something before all is said and done. If you are visiting for the first time, please arrive a few minutes early to register your children. We look forward to meeting you and serving your family!

We are currently planning to launch ministries for high school students during the 2018-19 school year. If you would like more information about student ministry, or about serving with our family ministries, please contact Mary Stewart or sign up here

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