Pray – More than we could ever understand, we need many, many people to pray for the birth of The Parish. Our leaders and launch team will have to endure many attacks and much spiritual warfare, so please pray for all of our families. Pray for the unchurched living in our neighborhoods. Pray that we can build relationships that will open doors for renewal. Pray that, despite our current economic climate, God would raise up generous individuals and organizations who will give financially.

Join – Please take the time to prayerfully consider the reasons for starting a church and the core values upon which we are founded. It would be our honor to have you be a part of our church family, and to have your family walk alongside us as we join God in the renewal of all things. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Give – Our goal is for the Parish to be completely self-sustaining by the end of our first year. In order to do so, we are looking for individuals and churches to prayerfully consider joining us as financial partners. You may give a one-time gift or consistently give month to month. In the life of a young, mission church plant, every dollar makes a difference. For more information on how to contribute to the vision of the Parish, click here.


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