The Unlikely Teacher – With Benjamin Wills

This Parish podcast features Benjamin Wills, Founder and Head of School at Peace Peace Preparatory Academy in Atlanta. Peace Prep seeks to educate the whole child, support the whole family, and provide growth and change opportunities for the whole community in a high quality, Christ-centered learning environment. Benjamin teaches from 1 Kings 17 and Mark 12 on the mandate the Church has to seek justice for the oppressed. He also shares his story and opportunities to get behind the meaningful work happening at Peace Prep.

Redefining Success

Rev. Eddie Kirkland, preaching from Genesis 2:18-24 and Mark 10:1-16 on October 7, 2018. We explore a challenging passage from Mark's gospel, discovering the intersection of the gospel with the difficult issues of divorce, abuse, and partisanship.

Rich, Loved, Not Free

The story of the Rich Young Ruler is a portrait of an individual who is rich and loved, but not free. In this podcast, Jordan leads us through Mark 10:17-31, pointing out how often the rich man's life parallels our own. As "rich" people in our world, how might the love of Jesus intersect with our wealth to set us free to follow Christ?