Rich, Loved, Not Free

The story of the Rich Young Ruler is a portrait of an individual who is rich and loved, but not free. In this podcast, Jordan leads us through Mark 10:17-31, pointing out how often the rich man's life parallels our own. As "rich" people in our world, how might the love of Jesus intersect with our wealth to set us free to follow Christ?

Posture Over Party

Rev. Eddie Kirkland, preaching from Genesis 2:18-24 and Mark 10:1-16 on October 7, 2018. We explore a challenging passage from Mark's gospel, discovering the intersection of the gospel with the difficult issues of divorce, abuse, and partisanship.

Finding God, part 5

As we conclude our Finding God series, Jordan shares how we can become aware of God's work in our individual stories. Jesus calls us his "Father's house", and so he comes to the each room of our hearts to make His home there. As he renovates and restores that home, we are formed more deeply into the image of Christ for the sake of the world.

Finding God, part 4

Jordan shares part 4 of our Finding God series from John 15. Zooming out from the moment to moment, we explore how God works in our lives across each season of our soul. In particular, Jordan shares reflections on God's work in seasons of suffering and dying, and the Christian hope found in resurrection.

Finding God, part 3

Eddie leads us through Week 3 of our series on Finding God. In this podcast, we explore what to make of God's silence. Using Thomas as an example, we'll also examine ways to respond when God seems to be leaving us out of the loop, and how to be sure you're understanding God's activity in your life.

Finding God, part 2

Rev. Eddie Kirkland, preaching from Genesis 1 and John 1 on September 2, 2018. In this podcast, Eddie shares how we can encounter "the Word of God", and explores all that phrase really means. Whether through Scripture, relationships, emotions, or nature, God's Word is speaking all around us. Subscribe to the Parish Podcast: iTunes / Other

Ordinary Time: True Community, Part 3

Rev. Eddie Kirkland, preaching from Ephesians 5:15-21 on August 19, 2018. We wrap up a three week journey through Ephesians by discussing the essential foundations of true community, and the practice they require. Subscribe to the Parish Podcast: iTunes / Other