Formation – The act of placing faith in Jesus Christ is not a finish line, but the beginning of a life-long process of spiritual formation. We want to be a gathering of people who are constantly being undone and re-built by the grace of God. Being conformed to the likeness of Christ is not an optional “add-on” to the Sunday service, it is at the core of every church experience. We believe that all growth is spiritual in nature, and encourage a holistic approach to spiritual development. Click here to see more complete details on our formation process.

Family – Our desire is to foster an integrated and infectious community. Gatherings of the church will be small by design, with a desire to maintain a size within which relationships develop organically. Our goal is to create intimate, authentic settings that allow people to “know and be known.” We will be a place of inclusion, where guests are always welcome not just to observe and participate, but to be known and loved by the community as a whole.

Kingdom – We believe that the gospel is best proclaimed as a story of creation, fall, redemption and restoration. It began in the garden, with God’s perfect creation, which was distorted by man’s rebellion. This distortion was set aright by Christ’s redemption and the inauguration of the kingdom of God on earth. Since Christ’s resurrection, this kingdom has been growing and advancing, gradually restoring the world to its original purpose and beauty. We are active participants in that process, bringing His kingdom wherever we walk.

Restoration – We are a gathering of restorers, joining God’s great plan to renew all of creation. This begins with a personal, spiritual renewal, and the new creation that results within our lives. As a church, we desire to spread this new creation into all aspects of our parish, bringing goodness, truth, and beauty wherever we walk. Our footprint in the community will be one of love, and we hope to become a vital contributor to the well-being of our neighborhood and city.


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